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Software Engineer in San Francisco, California

Find Twitter users on threads.net

If youโ€™ve recently started using threads.net, you may encounter some challenges when trying to locate users you already follow on the platform, especially when using it on desktop.

To address this issue, Iโ€™ve developed a simple browser extension for Chrome. This extension adds a convenient Threads emoji (๐Ÿงต) link to Twitter profiles, allowing you to effortlessly navigate to the corresponding @username on threads.net. From there, you can easily scan the QR code on your phone to start following that person. In case the user does not exist on threads.net, you will be redirected to a 404 page.

Currently threads.net currently lacks a public search feature on the web. As soon as threads.net introduces a search functionality, I will enhance the extension to trigger a search. This should ensure that even if a user is using a different username, they can be found.

You can give it a try there: